Group exhibitions

2011: Winter Show – Gallery De Novo, Dunedin

2009: The Works – Gallery De Novo, Dunedin

2008: Stir – John Wishart, Mark Sharma, Kyla Cresswell, Linda Lee, Kim Lowe, Tracey Tawhiao - Ng Gallery, Christchurch

2008: Morgan Street Gallery, Morgan Street, New Market, Auckland

2008: Preview – Contemporary South Island Artists, Centre of Contemporary Art, Christchurch & Temple Gallery, Dunedin

2008: For Cathy, Riverton Community Arts Centre

2007: Group show – Simon Kaan, Kim Lowe, Jenny Rendall, Mark Sharma, John Wishart, Ng Gallery, Christchurch

2006: Group show, Gallery De Novo, Dunedin

2005: Large Art – Cleveland Living Arts Centre, Dunedin Railway Station, Dunedin

2003: Hybrids: Halfbreeds – Southern Artists Working Across Cultures – Riverton Community Arts Centre

2002: West Harbour Works – Riverton Community Arts Centre

2001: Group Show, Grays Studio, Dunedin

1999: 4, 4 Southern Artists, Art House 4, Invercargill

1999: Performing Artists Series, Arc Café Dunedin

1998: inter + com, digital media presentation, University of Otago, Dunedin

1995: Toast to the Coast, Group Show of Otago Artists, Greymouth Art Gallery

Solo exhibitions

2008: New Work, Gallery De Novo, Dunedin

2005: Hanging, Aduki, Moray Place, Dunedin

2004: 3&4 New Work, Cleveland Living Arts Centre, Dunedin Railway Station, Dunedin

2002: Excerpts and Additions, Grays Studio, Dunedin

2001: Tightrope, Riverton Community Arts Centre, Riverton

2001: Works on Paper, Changes Gallery, Casino Centre, Beach Street, Queenstown

2000: Works on Paper, New Zealand House, London, England

1998: Symbolic Textures, Bond Street Dunedin

1997: Symbolic Textures, Southland Museum and Art Gallery, Invercargill


Gallery De Novo


White Room



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The image/symbol of the lotus flower has long been used in Egyptian, Buddhist and Hindu cultures and is associated with the human soul of an individual, gods and goddesses. The meaning of the lotus flower includes purity and enlightenment, wealth and rebirth. The Egyptians used the lotus to symbolize the sun and rebirth in creation mythology.

In Lotus series 3 the lotus has been further abstracted or hybridised and takes on a more tropical/pacific identity and starts to take on the form a hibiscus flower.

In this series waka huia is also represented. Waka huia are vessels for holding precious and the most prized personal possessions.

This new series of works explores further my interests around cultural identity and to me personally my cultural heritage of Indo-Fijian, Kāi Tahu, Polish, Irish and Scottish ancestry.


Mark Sharma was born in Invercargill of Fijian Indian, Southern Māori and European descent.

Sharma has exhibited his works over the past 12 years with successful shows throughout the South Island, including at the Southland Public Museum and Art Gallery.  In 2000, he staged a works on paper exhibition at New Zealand House, in London.

My work concerns ideas developing from my cultural heritage and interest in communication, translation, balance, identity and the creative imagination.

Sharma’s work is not representational of a specific place, although he is influenced by his home environment of the Otago Peninsula, often with landscape forms coming through in his work


Gallery De Novo Xmas show


STIR show – NG Gallery, Christchurch

Detail 2008

Oil and gesso on ply